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State Contracts

Professional Sales and Services offers installation, repair and maintenance contracts to many cities, municipalities and private entities.

  • Utah State Contract # MA-817 (50% off the list prices)
  • Dealer Distributor Code 3 – Utah, Wyoming
  • Dealer Distributor Horton – Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Colorado
  • Dealer Distributor Whelen – Utah, Wyoming
  • v Distributor Federal Signal - Northern Nevada

State Cooperative Contracts

The Utah State Contract #MA-817 offers a fifty percent discount off the list prices in the current products and pricing guides.

PSS is the Utah State Contract Vendor for Code 3 Public Safety Equipment. For the past 20 years, this contract has provided local governments and public safety companies the confidence they are getting the best possible price, follow up and product support.

The State Vendor Contract is available to all federal, state, local & county government agencies, law enforcement, fire departments, EMS agencies, Department of Transportation, public transportation, construction companies, water districts, parks & recreation, wildlife resources, school districts, etc.

In addition, PSS is the Dealer Distributor for Code 3, Horton and Whelen products.