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PSS is pleased to offer Horton Emergence Vehicles and products that are on the cutting edge of technology, the pinnacle of safety and an industry leader in customization. We have the knowledge and ability to custom design an emergency vehicle to meet every special requirement. We feature brighter and innovative-patented lighting design, advanced central control circuitry and a full line of public safety equipment and medical supplies.

Horton is credited with innovations such as: all aluminum welding chassis, electronic oxygen controls, plumbed oxygen and suction systems, aluminum modular cabinetry, throttle controls, solid-state electronics, diagnosis testing and electrical load management.

Advanced HOPS (Horton Occupant Protection System) restraints are standard equipment on every Horton Emergency Vehicle. After years of research, HOPS is a fully tested system that combines advanced restraints, multi-density head protection, tubular airbags and head curtain airbags to protect attendants in a side impact rollover collision.

New ambulance features include anti-microbial action areas and grab rails, crash-barrier patient compartment configurations, wood-free construction, LED Silhouette perimeter lighting, electronic privacy windows and impact resistant rear bumpers.

Since decontamination of patient areas is always a concern, Horton control panels feature a smooth, cleanable surface that is easily decontaminated using the same commercial sprays or solutions applied in the rest of the vehicle.